Do we really need to change beddings?

Do we really need to change beddings?
In a recent study, one in ten persons doesn’t change his/her bed linen for more than once a month. It seems like some people do not enjoy the feeling of sleeping in freshly-washed sheets. Are you one of these people?

Your beddings can be subjected to a lot of dirt and sweat from our bodies. We may not be conscious of it or we may not have seen the dirt through our naked eye. In caring for your health, you should be aware of your surroundings and how it can affect you. You should take into account the possible risks if you have a dirty bed! Also, a dirty bed may bring insects to sleep together with you. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

You should wash and change your sheets for every one to two weeks as it is recommended by health experts.

Changing and washing the beddings can be a personal choice for anyone. If you feel like your sheets are still fresh and pleasant to smell, you can wash them for the next two weeks to come. However, if you or your loved one is sick, if you are quite a sweaty person, or if you sleep naked, you may want to change and wash the sheets earlier than expected. This is to prevent bacteria and anything that can’t be seen by the naked eye from attacking your body.

Bed linens aren’t the only things to change at home!

You should also change your hand and body towels, bath mats, dish towels, curtains, pillows, blankets and comforters. Depending on what the object is, you should clean it frequently to avoid other health risks. Curtains should be washed at least twice a year. Bath mats should be changed every one or two weeks. Towels should be washed for every three or four uses.

You should always observe good hygiene, not only in your body but also in your surroundings and the things you use frequently. West Coast Nursing Ventura will assist you with these matters in your very own home. You will not have trouble with managing your time with regards to changing and washing the sheets or other linen in your house as we will assist you with it all the way. We also provide excellent health care services at your home through our medical staff. At West Coast Nursing Ventura, you will be healthy, fit, and free! Call us now at 805-496-0900 for more information.

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