Physical Therapy Services

caregiver assisting elderly patients on exercising

Our Physical Therapists are licensed care professionals who specialize in in-home physical therapy that is always at the top of medical standards. Physical Therapy (PT) will help you regain as much motor function as possible after recent surgery, injury or illness.

Physical Therapy primarily uses physical activity, exercise, and other methods of treatment, such as stretching, mechanics, and massage to aide in the healing process. This is beneficial for the relief of pain, promotion of tissue generation, and restoring proper body movement and function.

At West Coast Nursing Ventura, Inc. we understand your unique needs and create custom physical therapy programs, with direction from your physician, to achieve the most effective results possible. Our staff of highly qualified Physical Therapists (PTs) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) will be there for every step of the way providing you the best care services in the comfort of your home.

caregiver assisting elderly patients on exercisingPhysical Therapy Services our PTs and PTAs can provide include:

  • Home exercise programs
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Mobility training that develops safe and functional mobility skills
  • Balance training and facilitation to address fall prevention and safety
  • Modalities for addressing pain management
  • Therapeutic exercise to improve and increase range of motion, endurance, and strength

Reasons you or your family member might need Physical Therapy Services include:

  • Loss of balance
  • Difficulty walking
  • Patients suffering from a fall
  • Patients who have suffered a stroke
  • Heart failure or heart attack
  • Knee or hip replacement surgery
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Noticeable decline in function or mobility
“I have used this agency 2 times in the past 2 years after knee replacement surgery and they have been amazing, I was able to heal and transition to outpatient rehab faster compared to other agencies, a must use company that I highly recommend”
– Patient M.M.

In addition to Physical Therapy and rehabilitative support, West Coast Nursing Ventura, Inc. also offers other services related to home health care in Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks CA. Please call us at 805-496-0900 to request for an assessment.